Our next event is February 19th!

We threatened to roll out a website for some time, and here it is. It’s bare bones, but we hope it’ll grow into a decent repository for all our future adventures and hijinks. If you take pictures of events, have presentations you want to share, this’ll be a handy spot for them to live. OK?

OK, kids. We’re ready to roll with this month’s Drinking About Museums/Museums Showoff: Boston!

When: February 19th, 6PM. Showing off starts at 7PM.

Where: We will be returning to Harvard Square and the fabulous Hong Kong Restaurant

1238 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

What: This will be our second edition of Museums Showoff. For more on the format, check the menu choice above.

Who: We’ve got a great lineup for this month’s event. In no particular order, they are:

  • Alli Rico     This Is the Waterworks Museum (or, I’ve Always Wondered What That Building On the Reservoir Was) –  everyone knows about the Golden Age of Boston and what it meant for the cultural development of the city, but do you know about the Chestnut Hill High Service Pumping Station? A 9 minute showoff of the coolest industrial museum this side of the Charles River.
  • Ari Davidow     Remixing online exhibits: Ideas for making GLAM web objects seeds for new creations
  • Jeff Steward     “Visualizing the Invisible”: a brief look at the secret lives of the 250,000 works of art in the Harvard Art Museum’s collection
  • Susan Timberlake     Being a Test Pilot for the Center for the Future of Museums
  • Becky Pittore     Something about the aquarium and/or art history
  • Meg Winikates     Aviary Antics: behind the scenes with the finches in PEM’s ‘From Here to Ear’ exhibition
  • Diana Lempel     What I learned from and what we did at Hack the Museum
  • Emily Oswald     Charlesview Apartments as Pop-Up Museum: A Thought Experiment. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we made a pop-up museum at the old Charlesview Apartments? Ok, maybe we can’t make it happen. But what could we do instead?


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