Recap of the April Drinking About Museums @ ICA

April’s event was a good time by all accounts. I missed all the happenings that Pennie Taylor had set up for us at the ICA, because I was stuck in traffic for two hours! Bleah! Anyway, here are some pics from the evening. We’d like to thank Pennie (@penellohpee) and all the folks at the ICA who were so obliging about us crashing and making art messes. Big thanks also to Kellian Adams of Green Door Labs for hooking us up with Scott Tongue, who demoed his work on the Oculus Rift. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next month’s date hasn’t been selected yet, but we’ll hopefully be having a special guest. Mia Ridge, thinker and author of the Open Objects blog will be in town for THATCamp New England at the end of the month. You should follow her on Twitter if you don’t already. We’ll try to grab her while she’s in town for a special Drinking About Museums: Digital Humanities edition. I hope she brings her mini Ed and Drinking About Museums Melbourne badge!

mini Ed 1 and #drinkingaboutmuseums:MELB badge. courtesy of Mia Ridge

mini Ed 1 and #drinkingaboutmuseums:MELB badge. courtesy of Mia Ridge


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