Drinking About Museums returns! 10/25


Mmm, frosty… CC0 image by Engin_Akyurt

Hola, comrades!

It’s been a long, warm summer, and though it’s hard to imagine, it’s already October, and practically Halloween! It’s past time for another Drinking About Museums and we intend to rectify that problem this Wednesday, October 25th! We’ll be gathering at our old standby, at the venerable Hong Kong Restaurant (http://www.hongkongharvard.com/) in Harvard Square, Cambridge. We’ll convene upstairs at 6:30 and go till we stop! Come on by and say hi!

We’re particularly interested to hear from people who have attended some of the newer experiences at area museums, like Waiting Rooms at the MOS, or The Enemy at MIT Museum. Ed just saw The Enemy and is dying to talk to people who’ve seen it.

See you Wednesday!
Susan and Ed
your friendly DAM co-hosts


  1. Sounds fun but you might have a smaller turnout because of the New England museum association annual conference in Falmouth is Wednesday-Friday!!!
    I will be at nema!!


  2. I haven’t seen The Enemy yet, but saw the two Laurie Anderson / Hsin-Chien Huang VR collaborations at Mass MoCA in September: “Aloft” and “Chalkroom.”

    Mind completely blown. 🙂


  3. And if you’ve been out to Mass MOCA lately, I’d love to talk about the Laurie Andersen installation, Nick Cave, and James Turrell.


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